Is anybody alive in here?


I suppose it might be a little odd that, here we are at the very end of The Police tour, and I’m just now starting this blog.

I seem to have a tendency to do things bass-ackward like that.

Nevertheless, here I am. I suppose my reasons for starting this blog are several-fold:

  • To give me a place to reflect back on the tour, to put all the pieces together after the year and a half of all consuming madness. Some of this will also involve working on a planned fanzine collecting stories
    from other fans about their experiences with the tour and fandom.
  • To keep folks up to date on what is happening with – how we will continue to keep working on the wiki, the forum, and perhaps open the site up for other fans who’d like to create a Police-related blog here.
  • To keep the spirit of the band and the fandom alive. Because the end of the tour does not mean the end of The Police in the hearts and minds of their many fans.

Anyway, so there it is. Thanks for dropping by, and stay tuned for more…